Become a partner

As a partner of BDMA you will be instrumental in voicing your needs and aspirations in terms of the skills and expertise required to drive your business forward.

We will establish a strong culture of communication and sharing of ideas and practice. Our collaboration will be mutually beneficial and together we will help shape the future work force of the digital media industry in Brighton.

Employer Benefits:

- Access a network of young people to support your projects

- Discover emerging talent

- Support young people

- Help shape and support education

Utilise our state of the art building and facilities

- Promote your own brand  and increase awareness      

How can you help?

Mentor - By acting as a mentor you will be sharing your experiences, expertise, guidance and inspiration to the next generation. This is often a rewarding and enriching experience for both parties, with long term benefits for both individuals and the industry. Support and training is offered to those undertaking this vital role.

Speakers/ Masterclass - Sharing your journey and experiences with our learners, is both informative and motivational for them. Our students highly value interaction with industry experts, and are eager to gain from past professional experiences. The advice and guidance offered can have a real impact and long lasting affects on their performance and motivation.

Visits - By allowing learners access to your place of work, you open up the real world of work. Students value the opportunity to see first hand how organisations function and organise themselves. This face to face interaction will not only benefit the learners, but firmly place your company on the map in terms of future employment, as well as gaining wider recognition within the community.

Sponsors - Working closely with our teaching team, you will be instrumental in shaping and supporting the delivery of the curriculum. As industry experts, you will be well positioned to inform and advise on the emergence of new initiatives and technological developments. Sponsors will be empowered to support and shape the future workforce, and as such find reward and recognition.

Governors - Our relationship with employers is key to our success. We welcome individuals who would be keen to take a more strategic role. Instrumental in the direction and aspirations of the academy, governors work alongside other key members of the community, in setting key objectives and goals, and applying their skills and knowledge to future strategic planning.

Project Brief - Our learners will work alongside you in delivering and successfully executing your project briefs. These briefs which are bespoke to your needs, are the basis of our practical and experiential learning. Clear deadlines and targets are negotiated as are outcomes which are carefully assessed and analysed. This unique interaction will be mutually beneficial to both parties, and establish an ongoing relationship and wider network.

You can download our Employer leaflet here to find out more.

To enquire about this unique opportunity to engage in education and shape the workforce of tomorrow, please contact us:

Itziar Leighton -