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Year 11

Year 11 Preparation


This website section is for all Year 11 students and their parents and carers.  Here you will find information on the Year 11 staff team, intervention, revision, support and CEIAG (Careers Education Information and Guidance).  We would encourage all students, parents and carers to check this page regularly for important updates.

Year 11 GCSE Independent Study 

To reset your school email and Show My Homework password, please email

Students should be regularly checking their Show My Homework accounts and Google Classroom to access any work that has been set by their subject teacher. 

Careers Advice Service

At BACA we know that careers guidance helps students to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to make successful choices for their future.  The Careers team is led by our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Lead (CEIAG), Mrs Jodie Bovington, who is there to provide students with careers information and guidance to help them manage the transitions in learning, progress to higher education and ultimately move into the world of employment.  We encourage students to think about what the future might hold and consider - What kind of work might be possible?  How will they discover their dream job and find out how to get it?

Click here to visit our Careers Advice page for more information

Homework Expectations & Show My Homework

All Year 11 students should be completing a minimum of two hours independent study a night, spread across a range of subjects. The work that Year 11s should be completing may include:

 -  Individual subject-based work

 -  Ongoing portfolio work (for BTEC and creative subjects)

 -  Revision for examination subjects

We would encourage all Year 11s to create a weekly study timetable to help them with the management of their work outside of class. A template to help them plan is enclosed below- we encourage all students to create one of these and ask their mentor if they need additional support with this.

Students are set homework via Show My Homework and there is further guidance on this under the homework tab in the parent section of the website.

For maths and science, students are set weekly tasks to complete on Hegarty (for Maths) and Educake (for Science).  Please speak to your child's maths or science teacher if you need further information about these websites.


At BACA, we are committed to ensuring that your child has the full range of staff support to ensure that they achieve their full potential during Year11 in preparation for their final exams.

If you have a concerns about your child’s progress and attainment in a specific subject, you should contact their subject teacher in the first instance; likewise your child’s tutor should be the first port of call for any pastoral issues.

Please find below details about the key staff members for progress & intervention, pastoral support and careers.

Staff Member Area of Responsibility     Email Contact
Mr P Schofield

Mr Schofield is the senior staff link for Year 11

Please contact him if you have any queries related to your child’s progress and intervention.

Mr J Austin

Mr Austin is Head of Year 11

Please contact him if you have any queries related to your child’s behaviour, attendance or any other related pastoral issues.  

Ms J Bovington

Ms Bovington is the lead teacher for CEIAG

(Careers Education Information & Guidance)

Please contact her if you have any queries related to careers, further education, apprenticeships, work experience or any other related issues.

Mr J Collett

Mr Collett is Vice Principal, overseeing curriculum and student outcomes.  Please contact him if you have any particular concerns about your child's timetable, courses or curriculum.

Student Resources

We would encourage all parents and carers to make sure that their child is fully equipped for learning both in and outside of school.  The school library has a comprehensive supply of equipment and study materials available for purchase (see price list below).  All items are available for sale during break and lunchtime at the school library- please provide exact money where possible.

Year 10 into 11 GCSE Information - Price List 

Year 11 Parents & Revision Evenings

At BACA, we believe that regular contact between school and home is essential for your child's success. Throughout Year 11, there are frequent opportunities for parents and carers to meet with their child's teachers, tutor and mentor.  We will inform parents and carers of key dates and information regarding revision evenings and would encourage all parents or carers to attend.

Resources from previous parent information and revision evenings are linked below. 

If you have any further questions, please contact either Mr Collett or Mr Schofield who will be happy to help.

Year 10 Information Evening PowerPoint - June 2019 

Independent Study - Out of Class Hours

BACA is open for all Year 11 students from 4.00pm - 6.00pm each weekday; students can either work or revise in the computer breakout areas, this may be especially useful for those students who do not have access to ICT at home. 

Independent Study - Resource Packs

As in Year 10, all Year 11s are provided with a weekly study pack in order to help them achieve their full potential and become independent learners.  Each student is provided with a paper copy, however electronic copies are archived and will be available here after released to students. 

Independent Study - Support

To support your child with independent study, we would suggest that the websites provided below offer suitable guidance for completion of homework and revision;

List of Websites    (click + for drop down list)


English Language
English Literature

Science Combined Science:
Triple Science







How to access if your name is, for exapmle, Ali White:              

USERNAME:   awhite

PASSWORD:   awhite




Google Classroom


Our careers advice page

The careers advice service

The Aldridge Foundation's free site to help students build connections in industries and careers that interest you