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Year 11 Course Information



This website section is for all year 11 students and their parents and carers. It gives information on the year 11 staff team, intervention and support, revision and CEIAG (Careers Education Information and Guidance). We would encourage all students, parents and carers to check this page regularly for important updates.


At BACA, we are committed to ensuring that your child has the full range of staff support to ensure that they achieve their full potential during year 11 in preparation for their final exams.

If you have a concerns about your child’s progress and attainment in a specific subject, you should contact their subject teacher in the first instance; likewise your child’s tutor should be the first port of call for any pastoral issues.

Please find below details about the key staff members for progress & intervention, pastoral support and careers.

Staff Member

Area of Responsibility

Email Contact


Mr Schofield



Mr Schofield is the senior staff link for year 11- please contact him if you have any queries related to your child’s progress and intervention.



Ms Flynn



Ms Flynn is Head of Year 11- please contact her if you have any queries related to your child’s behaviour, attendance or any other related pastoral issues.


Ms Watson


Ms Watson is the student manager for Year 11 who provides Ms Flynn with additional pastoral support.


Ms Bovington


Ms Bovington is the lead teacher for CEIAG (Careers Education Information & Guidance) - please contact her if you have any queries related to careers, further education, apprenticeships, work experience or any other related issues.

 Lesson 6

To help prepare them thoroughly for their final exams, all year 11s have a bespoke timetable created to match their needs for lesson 6. This additional lesson runs from 3-4 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and is designed to help students, in smaller groups than their usual class, target specific areas of work for key subjects. Each student has a different targeted subject on each day will be adjusted and changed as the academic year progresses. Please contact Mr Schofield if you have any further queries related to lesson 6.

Independent Study Packs

As in year 10, all year 11s are provided with a weekly study pack in order to help them achieve their full potential and become independent learners. Each student is provided with a paper copy, however electronic copies are archived and available here.

Week Beginning


10th September 2018

Independent study pack 1

17th September 2018

Independent Study Pack 2

24th September 2018


 Parent & Carer Meetings

Our first opportunity for all students and parents/carers to meet staff is Thursday 20th September. This is the Year 11 Careers Information & Revision Evening which runs from 4-6pm. During this event, your child will be given information on:

Independent Study Websites

To support your child with independent study, we would suggest that the websites provided below offer suitable guidance for completion of homework and revision.

Useful Links

English Language

English Literature



  Combined Science:

Triple Science







             HOW TO ACCESS IF YOU NAME IS FOR EXAMPLE Ali White,              

             USERNAME: awhite

             PASSWORD: awhite

             INSTITUTION CODE: gri4



  Google Classroom