Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

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Principal's Welcome



I am delighted and proud to welcome you to Brighton Aldridge Community Academy. I am excited to have joined the Aldridge family. I have already been working hard with our pupils and staff to make sure our school continues to improve. We want to provide an excellent education for each and every one of our pupils.  
As Principal, it is my responsibility to create an environment in which your child can become a confident, articulate, resilient, and kind young adult. Our curriculum, enrichment programme, and student experience help ensure our pupils learn, thrive, and make progress. We are committed to preparing and supporting our pupils to go on to pursue careers they are passionate about, contributing positively to society and living happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.  At BACA we value student voice, with learning as the priority

We know that all children can and will achieve success and our dedicated staff work hard to nurture, support, and provide challenges, to make this a reality. We welcome and value the input of carers and parents; together, we work hard to help realise the dreams and ambitions of our children and their families.  

Please take a look around our website to find out what we can offer your child.  The best way to really understand our school is to experience it.  I would love to show you around and answer any questions you may have. 

If you would like to book a tour or visit, please contact Reception on 01273 691191 or at

Jack Davies - Principal 



BACA offers unique opportunities for students

BACA's £30 million state-of-the-art learning facilities, high quality teaching, wide range of extra-curricular activities, educational trips and unique partnerships benefit our students in their education and life skills development.

Our unique, student driven, self-awareness programme inspires students and creates learning experiences that challenge, encourage and help them succeed. Assemblies and PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) curriculum that focus on developing determination, problem solving, risk taking, passion, teamwork and creativity support BACA students' journey to higher education and employment.  Students progress in these skills through mentoring sessions, collaboration with their peers and the use of an innovative student self-awareness app.  Alongside academic reports, we provide evaluation on progress in these key skills, assessed by both our teachers and the students themselves.  Placing students in the driving seat for their education, with facilitation and support from teachers sets us apart from other schools.  By taking ownership for their own academic and personal development BACA students become experts at setting goals, believing in those goals and achieving them.

At BACA we innovate so that our students have the right opportunities to follow their passions and achieve their dreams.


BACA Students benefit from strong partnerships with employers & neighbouring universities

If becoming the next England Cricket Captain is a student's calling, they can train at our 2 million Sir Rod Aldridge Cricket Centre.  Students dreaming of playing premier league football can hone their skills with guidance from our FA Qualified Coach, Phillip Williamson. Film and media creators can launch their career into Brighton's booming digital industry as they network with over 40 local companies and work on live projects in our digital media academy.  Students envisioning building homes and commercial properties can learn their trade at our new construction academy which is sponsored by one of the UK's fastest growing construction companies, KSD.  With KSD as a sponsor students benefit from the opportunity to study whilst working as an apprentice. 

Our community of industry partners, inspirational employer links and innovative programmes with neighboring universities and career mentors provide students with comprehensive careers advice that Ofsted recognises as a strength. 


Entrepreneurship - Academy Attributes

By taking ownership for their own academic and personal development BACA students dream it, believe it and achieve it.  Entrepreneurship is embedded across all we do.  We believe that by developing an entrepreneurial mindset we will build the confidence you need to succeed and live a productive and fulfilling life.