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The Year 7 BACA Scholars Art Exhibition

The Year 7 BACA Scholars Art Exhibition


Back in February, we wrote about a fantastic opportunity given to a group of Year 7 BACA Scholars in partnership with the University of Sussex. The project ran over the course of the academic year and saw our students taking part in a series of workshops on research, curating and illustration, devised by the University of Sussex’s School of English. Workshop activities involved exploring the art of wood engravings from the Victorian era and archiving the images for a modern exhibition! The students studied a wide range of images, some inspired by topics they have been studying in English and history, like Oliver Twist and the black death. Read more about the Year 7 BACA Scholars trip to The Keep here -

Our students worked with the University to discuss which images they liked best and then made their own drawings, poems and lino-cut stencils that were inspired by the illustrations. Their work is beautifully displayed in an online exhibition on the Sussex University website, alongside their own commentary and ideas. 

We hope that a live exhibition of their work in the Brighton Jubilee Library can also go ahead in November 2020… watch this space. 

To see the exhibition pages - click here  

Special thanks and a well-done go out to Alicia, Alisha, Cerys, Gordon, Jake, Lillian, Lucie-Lee, Nianna, Reuben, Robert, Rose, Sam, Sonny, Tamia and Thai in Year 7 for taking part.