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BACA provides various activities, running before school, during breaks and after school. These opportunities enhance and extend the curriculum, motivating students to develop new interests and skills, make new friends, and emphasise students’ social, emotional and physical development.

Students are encouraged to participate in these activities to help them develop a well-rounded set of skills. They can choose to join our many sport teams, along with a number of clubs including; cycling, fitness, guitar, music, drama, creative writing, business, ICT and a range of homework revision clubs (see clubs calendar below). 

Please see our ‘Beyond the classroom’ page for more information on additional opportunities and experiences on offer to our students. 

BACA Clubs

Enrichment Calendar Spring Term 2020

Clubs are open to all year groups, unless stated otherwise or if a specific year/s is given.

Students can collect an extracurricular reward card from the PE office, were prizes will be handed out to the students who attend the most lunchtime and after-school clubs.



This year we have launched the exciting "BACA 100" initiative.  We really want to support our students' personal development by challenging them to complete all of the 'BACA 100' before they complete their time at the academy.

The experiences will help our students develop resilience, confidence and independence, increase their cultural capital and further embed Aldridge attributes.  There are also lots of great things to do that can involve the whole family!

See how many you can complete;

The BACA 100 list