Behaviour to Achieve

Behaviour to Achieve

BACA Behaviour gUIDE

The Academy encourages positive behaviour which applies to all members of the Academy in terms of their relationships with students, staff, visitors and members of the local community.

To promote this behaviour the Academy implements a range of strategies:

  •  Meeting and greeting pupils in every lesson
  •  Well-planned and taught lessons
  •  Use of restorative language
  •  High praise & rewarding of success


A positive discipline system for class behaviour is delivered consistently throughout the Academy.  Our code of conduct (RAISE) is promoted and on display in every classroom:

  •  R - We listen and speak Respectfully to each other
  •  A - We Attend each lesson on time
  •  I -  We follow Instructions
  •  S - We act in a Safe manner
  •  E - We Engage in all lessons

Please see/download our Behaviour to Achieve policy.