Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

Online Safety

At BACA, we believe in making students and parents aware of the risks of using the internet.

Online safety is about the safety and protection of adolescents whilst they are using the internet and digital technology. Students are taught about internet safety throughout their time at the academy but we also think it is important for parents to support their child to be safe on the internet.

Parents are advised to follow these useful tips for supporting your child to be safe whilst on the internet:

Multiplayer Online Gaming - YMCA WiSE: Fortnite

Please see the letter and flyer given to us via YMCA WiSE, a group supporting young people up to the age of 25 to stay safe.  The letter and flyer relates to the multiplayer online game Fortnite, that many children are playing internationally.  Please could we ask that you take a few moments to read this.

YMCA WiSE Letter to Parents

YMCA WiSE Fortnite Flyer


Helpful Resources

Below are various links that are helpful for our students, teachers and parents: