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Celebrating Culture & Diversity At BACA

Celebrating Culture & Diversity At BACA

At BACA, we are committed to recognising and celebrating the unique range of cultures and student diversity that makes up our community. 

We believe that all students should be able to achieve their full potential and aspirations, regardless of background factors such as:


Every student has the opportunity to explore what makes them and their community unique- we respect diversity in all forms and ensure that all staff and students are committed to doing the same. We also recognise that our students come from a wide range of economic backgrounds and household income levels and, as a school, we are committed to closing any gaps as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Throughout their curriculum and programmes of study at BACA, we ensure that every subject promotes equal opportunities and gives students an understanding of what has helped shaped our culture and diversity through historical contexts. 

We have high expectations for all students, and support and differentiate in a variety of ways through our curriculum, our policies and everything we do.

The document below summarises how, in each curriculum area, BACA students have the opportunity to explore these issues and celebrate what makes them and us unique as a community. 

Cultural Week

As part of diversity fortnight students within BACA's BAME group organised the school's first-ever cultural food festival!
Staff and students brought in their delicious traditional dishes to sell with all profits given to The Children's Charity. 
It was a wonderful event that really celebrated the variety of cultures that exist within our BACA community.



Celebrating Cultures Across The World At BACA

Did you know that currently BACA has native speakers for nearly a dozen different languages, including both students and staff?!

Over the past few years, we have been pleased to offer additional GCSE support, via the Sussex Languages Service, in:


Further Contact Details

If you would like more information, please contact the following:

  • for information about PSHE & Religious Education programmes of study, please contact:
    Mr M. Lelliott (PSHE/RE Subject Lead) - 
  • for information about Languages and examinations offered, please contact:
    Ms F. Farah (Languages Subject Lead) -