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Year 9 History Trip to Belgium

Year 9 History Trip to Belgium


On Friday 19 May Year 9  students visited Ypres, Belgium to deepen their understanding of World War I.


It was a wet, grey morning when the students arrived in Ypres, but they were excited to explore and see what the day had in store.  The first stop was the trenches museum where they got to experience what life in the trenches would have really been like.  Then the group visited Tynecot cemetery.  BACA teachers were incredibly proud of our student’s behaviour at the cemetery.  Whilst students from other schools were noisily running around, BACA students were very thoughtful and they all tried to lay a cross next to somebody who shared their family name.


The next stop for the students was a German cemetery where they noted the difference between the British and German cemeteries. This was followed by free time in Ypres with the sun finally shining down.  The students enjoyed burgers, chocolate and ice creams and explored the town.


The last stop of the tour was a quick look at a bomb crater before the journey back home.  It was a long 18 hour day and the teachers were impressed with the students’ eagerness to learn and explore and how well behaved they remained, even as they began to tire at the end of the long day.