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Year 9 Football vs Hove Park

Year 9 Football vs Hove Park

Wednesday 1 October saw BACA's year 9 football team take on Hove Park. The boys were fresh after the summer break and looking good in training so travelled to Hove in high spirits. The game was even after 20 minutes. We then conceded a penalty, which on fire keeper Lewis Harland caught easily, at this point the BACA boys started to show their dominance. Liam Reeves and Ebuka Nnadike controlled possession in the middle of the park and Jamie Whalen and Callum Head cleared any opposition attacks up the wings. It wouldn’t be long until a goal came and after a barrage of chances Reece Halls’ hard work finally paid off. After taking it round two players he managed to guide a right footed effort into the bottom corner. We then doubled our lead 5 minutes later after a sumptuous finish from Evan Edwards who coolly dispatched an effort from well outside the box.

Half time came and the boys left the field thinking a double figures win could be on the board. They started with the same first half dominance with numerous close efforts from Jake Phillips, Brandon Carrillo and Luke Coles but the third goal just wouldn’t come. We then got caught out on a counter attack with 15 minutes remaining this time superstar goalkeeper Harland could have no effect. This meant the last section of the game was played under immense pressure from the opposition, Kaine Muller brought some fresh legs onto the pitch and Dan Bond lead the defensive line fantastically all game, deflecting numerous chances. It looked like the 3 points would be ours… until the dying seconds. The referees whistle was at his lips when Hove Park finally managed to break through and blast one above Harlands head to make it 2-2. The BACA boys tried to launch one final attack but before they could even make it to a shooting position the whistle was blown.

The players left the field feeling down heartened after working so hard for the 3 points but the determination and passion shown throughout the game did not go unnoticed and manager Mr Rowland and assistant manager AJ Bennet could not have been prouder with the boy’s performance, teamwork and spirit. A home rematch has already been organised and the boys will go out confident in front of a home crowd to take the win.