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Year 7 Team Academy Open Afternoon

Year 7 Team Academy Open Afternoon

On Wednesday 21 January, BACA’s year 7 Team Academy students hosted an Open Afternoon for their parents, carers and friends.

The students have formed their own businesses this year, and they put on the event to showcase their ideas.  They set up stalls in BACA’s Pegasus Suite to share their products and present achievements and what they’ve learnt so far. 

The businesses that were presented include:

  • Sweet As – a new range of chocolate creations
  • Jewels – edible jewellery
  • Shake Break Drink – healthy smoothies
  • Pens Exclusive – personalised stationary

Students also entertained guests with an energetic dance routine choreographed by Sydney in year 11 and a Spanish language presentation that included a colour beatbox. 

The students will next present their business ideas to their mentors at The Grand Hotel in Brighton.