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Year 7 BACA Rugby Star

Year 7 BACA Rugby Star

The Harlequins Sussex Under13 Developing Player Programme (U13 DPP) trials took place at Brighton Rugby Football Club on the evening of Thursday 12 May 2016.

The U13 DPP is the initial stage of the Harlequins’ Academy process. This programme focuses on talent identification and player development for 12 to 18 years. 80 year 7 pupils attended the trials and a maximum of 20 were eligible for selection.

The majority of the young people present were active club players with around 4 years playing experience. However BACA’s Luke Roberts had no previous experience of contact rugby until he joined us in September 2015. From the very first training session at BACA Luke’s talent and athletic ability stood out. Since then he has made some considerable progress over the season, developing into an outstanding rugby player and team captain. 

After 2 hours of speed, agility, decision making, contact and small sided games and drills, the try out session was brought to an end. The players were all brought together and congratulated on their efforts and told that they would hear if they were successful the following week.

Luke’s parents, who were both present at the year 7 rugby training session on Monday afternoon, greeted Mr. Banner with this news that Luke had been selected to begin the Harlequins DPP later in the year.

“We are so happy and very proud of Luke and to be honest quite emotional. He has received many calls of congratulations this evening.  We would like to thank Mr. Banner and Mr. Smith for recognising his strength, talent and passion for rugby and also for the time they have invested in him”. Mrs. Roberts

Luke’s parents went on to explain that Luke was still unaware that he had been selected and asked Mr. Banner to break the news to him at the extracurricular rugby club. All the players were brought into a huddle and told the news of Luke’s success; what a great end to the rugby season at BACA!

“Luke Roberts has been a pleasure to work with throughout the 2015/16 rugby season and has fitted into the role of team captain very well. For a player with 6 months playing experience to get into the Harlequins DPP speaks for itself. Luke has developed into a class player and certainly has a bright future ahead of him and I wish him luck for all future endeavours”. Mr. Banner

Luke will be starting the Harlequins DPP in late July 2016. Best of luck Luke!