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Swan Centre Students Survival in the Past

Swan Centre Students Survival in the Past


On Tuesday 18 October, 9 Swan Centre students visited the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum to discover the rural buildings which are set within beautiful landscapes.  The Museum sits on a 40 acre site and have 50 historic buildings for people to explore.

Students took part in a workshop called ‘Survival in the Past’ where they explored Saxon buildings and learnt how people managed to survive with basic human needs.  During the workshop, students learnt the origin of the word ‘window’ - originally they were called ‘wind eyes’ as they were a small diamond shape to let the wind in the ventilate the room and to also let the smoke out.

Later on in the day, all students took part in milling some flour and discovered how blacksmiths would make pokers for the fire, in the forge.