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Sponsor's Prize - Tom

Sponsor's Prize - Tom

8 November 2014

Tom was awarded the Sponsor's Prize for his excellent team work.  He enjoyed the match and his detailed match report is below:

Brighton vs Blackburn

The 1st Half:

The first started out a bit cagey with a few passes go astray from each side and limited shots.  However, this first five-ten minutes led to Brighton taking a bit more control of the game with the tempo and the way Blackburn were sitting back favouring them as Blackburn lacked a decent counter-attack the whole half.  Brighton were continuously improving and getting more into the game and this eventually led to Brighton taking the lead towards the end of the half when Gary Gardener managed to score, it was a scruffy goal but he got the ball right in to the bottom left corner with Luke Steele unable to get his hand to it.

The 2nd Half:

In the second half Blackburn came out with redemption on their mind and straight away they were pushing Brighton well back into their own half.  Brighton then conceded when Rudy Gestede scored a header that caught Chris Walton out as it bounced off the post and went behind Walton as he scrambled to try and save it, with Gordon Greer only able to kick it more into the net as he tried to clear it.  Till the 75th minute Blackburn were still on top, but then Brighton started to get back into and from this point on it was back and forth as the game got more stretched and both teams trying to get that winning goal.