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Sponsor's Prize - Brandon

Sponsor's Prize - Brandon

20 September 2015

 Brandon was nominated for the Sponsor Award by the Swan Centre for his dedication and determination at the start of this term -

‘The Swan Centre team were so impressed with Brandon’s mature start to year 8 that we nominated him for the Sponsors Award. Brandon was making such great efforts in his lessons with lots of changes including new teachers, new subjects and a two week timetable.

BACA teachers also commented on how well he was doing in his lessons.  We were really pleased when he was chosen to go to the football match’

Mrs OddHayward - Swan Centre 

 Brandon and his stepdad enjoyed the excitement of seeing Brighton versus Blackpool live at the AMEX Stadium.   It was Brandon’s first time visiting the AMEX and he said it was a great experience.   The end result of the game was 0-0, but there was still a lot of excitement in the stands whenever the ball was near either of the goals.  His favourite part of the day was watching the match and he also really enjoyed the food.