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School Day Changes for the Next Academic Year (2017-18)

School Day Changes for the Next Academic Year (2017-18)

Dear Parents and Carers

We'd like to inform you of some changes to the school day for the next academic year.  The school day will run as follows:


Tutor Directed Learning (Numeracy)


Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Break 1


Lesson 3


Lesson 4


Break 2


Tutor Directed Learning (Literacy – Drop Everything and Read)


Lesson 5


End of Day (Y7-10)

Year 11 – 30 mins ‘powered revision’

(Monday and Tuesday only)


End of Day (Y11)

(Monday and Tuesday only)

As you can see, we have returned to a longer first tutor-time to focus the students on the day ahead. It will also allow the tutor to provide extra focus on numeracy. We have added a second tutor-time after lunch to allow the students and tutor to help students think about their day so far and provide an extra focus on literacy.

Year 11s will have an additional 30 minutes ‘powered revision’ on Monday and Tuesday in a variety of subjects. Students will select these subjects in the coming weeks. These will then run for one term and students will then choose again. Teachers may direct some students into certain subjects where they need additional support or intervention. Detentions for year 11 will run after they have finished these sessions, but will be done in an IT room to enable students to complete missing work.

Please remember, The Academy is still open from 7.30am for breakfast for all students for free! Cereal and bagels are available for all students, as well as a place to meet and chat with their friends. This will set up students for the day of learning ahead. We will continue to provide a homework club in B15 each day after school to enable students to complete homework or complete other work.

Thank your continued support. We are confident these changes will lead to every student achieving even more at BACA in the coming years.