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Recognising Student Achievement at Whole School Assembly

Recognising Student Achievement at Whole School Assembly

Upon returning from each break BACA holds a whole school assembly to recognise student’s hard work and achievements from the previous half term.  We’d like to congratulate all students who received awards at our whole school assembly this week.

It kicked off with a first for BACA – a wonderful performance by our new choir who are busy rehearsing for the upcoming ‘Voice in a Million’ event at Wembley in March.

Following the performance, Principal Davies addressed the school on the theme of responsibility.  He discussed the responsibility each of us has to the planet and leaving it in a good condition for future generations.  Then looking more close to home, he talked about our student’s responsibility for their learning at BACA. The inspirational presentation ended by playing ‘Hall of Fame’ by The Script and highlighting the line – “dedicate yourself and you can find yourself.” This perfectly sums up the theme of the presentation by encouraging students to take responsibility for their learning to achieve their dreams.

Then the awards for students who’ve already shown responsibility for their learning began.

Entrepreneurial Awards were given out to students who demonstrate each of our six attributes; passion, determination, creativity, risk-taking, team work and problem solving.

Platinum awards went to students who have shown significant effort in their lessons.  The top prizes went to:

  • Ovett - Toni, year 7
  • Gunnell - Shona, year 11
  • Roddick - Shahzaib, year 8
  • Volk - Chloe, year 8
  • 6th Form -  Anne, year 13

 Congratulations to all students who won an award!