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Raising Teens: Make (Good) Trouble Radio Series

BBC Sussex Radio Series Supporting mental health

Make Good Trouble (CIC - Community Interest Company) produced an 8 x 1hr series with BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey, to increase awareness around teen mental health.  Each episode covers a different topic; Social Media and Devices, School stress, Sleep, Resilience, Body Image, Relationships, Teenage Brain and Language.  Roving 18yr old reporter Lola spoke to teens aged 14 - 19 capturing their thoughts and experiences, which are played throughout each show.  Presenter Guy Lloyd chats to parents/carers, teachers and experts providing practical advice and tips in a warm, friendly and light hearted round the table discussion.

You can catch up on all the episodes here - 


We are very proud of the series and we’ve had some great feedback:

It hit the spot because it was led by young people
- Jane Derrick - Chief Superintendent Sussex Police
I think the Raising Teens series gave young people a voice to speak on issues outside of their comfort zone and adults a platform to listen and understand through the vehicle of interesting conversations, first hand experience and great laughs.
- Kya McCartney (18yrs old) - YMCA Mental Health Advocate
I never realised how difficult it was for me to get help and support for issues my children had until I had teenagers. 
As a parent all you ever want to do is what is best for your child, whatever their age, and ‘Raising Teens’ has gone a long way to help.
- Nicky Packham - Parent
Raising teens has given a platform for local parents, experts and most importantly to the young people (who so often get negative media attention) to share their thoughts, knowledge and experiences on the radio.  
Listening to the episodes was a great way for me to reflect... as to be around teenagers sometimes feels like free falling.. both exciting and frightening, bringing pain and joy. and its not surprising then to hear that they feel the same way about us too!
- Debra Lloyd - Learning and Wellbeing Practitioner Patcham High School