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Rainforest Animals Come to BACA

Rainforest Animals Come to BACA

On Wednesday 25 May all year 7 students had the opportunity to take part in the ZooLab workshop. This is a curriculum collaboration between the Geography and Science departments.

During this term year 7 students have been studying the Rainforest in Geography, where they have been looking at animal adaptations and the structure of the rainforest. In Science, students have been focusing on ecology and classification, looking in depth at animal adaptations and habitats. “The animals brought in were very interesting and exciting to learn about.” Amalia McPate, year 7

“ZooLab is a great learning tool for all students as it helps to solidify the knowledge they have learnt in class and creates a long lasting learning experience.” Miss Barnes, Teacher of Geography

The ZooLab workshop gave students the opportunity to see some of the animals they have studied in real life and learn more about how they have adapted to different environments. “ZooLab was really fun; I was able to hold a snake!” Finlay Apps, year 7

You can see some of the animals in the photo gallery below.