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Professor Stephen Hawking: Pioneer and visionary

Professor Stephen Hawking: Pioneer and visionary

You will no doubt be aware of the sad news that Professor Stephen Hawking passed away yesterday. As a scientist Stephen Hawking was a pioneer and a visionary who radically changed the public perception of science (particularly physics) and advanced the fields of Physics and Mathematics greatly- to call him a genius would be an understatement. 

From a BACA perspective, Stephen Hawking embodied all 6 of our entrepreneurial attributes, particularly his passion, risk taking and determination to succeed (despite his illness). We can learn a lot from Professor Hawking and that he approached each challenge in his life, professional and personal, with a keen heart, resilient soul and an open mind.

There are 3 clips below that show his impact on pop culture, from Star Trek to The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory.

Many thanks, Mr Schofield