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Pegasus Programme Whole School Vote

Pegasus Programme Whole School Vote

On Wednesday 16 March all BACA students took part in a whole school vote to decide which local groups should receive a Pegasus Award of up to £500.

A steering group of students have been working with mentors from Lloyds Banking since September to develop a way to responsibly distribute £4,500 to local good causes. From developing the mission statement to creating the logo, from planning the application process to shortlist, the group have shown true commitment and determination to get the job done.

The student steering group agreed; We help by funding fun learning activities in Bevendean, Coldean and Moulsecoomb for young people (aged between 5 and 18 yrs. old) so that they can be safe, stay fit and be connected to their community.

After agreeing the mission statement the students went on to develop an application process which included each group applying for funding submitting a short 2 minute film. These were then shortlisted ready for the whole student vote.

“It’s been inspiring watching the students all contribute together to make the project take shape. Their teamwork and professionalism leaves me in no doubt that the money is in safe hands and will go to some very deserving causes.” Alex Page, part of the Lloyds Banking mentoring team.

After all application films were seen by all students, they each cast their vote and together selected the following nine projects to receive up to £500 to make their project possible;

  1. Bevendean Activities Group (BAG) - run a range of activities for local teenagers for free or low cost.  A Pegasus Award will bring the costs down on a range of activities for this summer.
  2. Chomp - provide a free hot and healthy meal to families who are living with a low income. A Pegasus Award will ensure the group can run sessions during the summer break.
  3. Crazy Comic Club - A Pegasus Award will enable bestselling cartoonist, James Parsons, to run a series of comic art drawing workshops with young people at The Bevy Community Pub.
  4. Digi-Daz Entertainment – will use their A Pegasus Award to set up a gaming club to educate BACA students via Maths and English using gaming as an incentive.
  5. Look Sussex - is a weekly youth club for blind and visually impaired children and young people. Their Pegasus Award will be used to buy new resources.
  6. Moulsecoomb Forest Garden and Wildlife Project – will set up an after school gardening club to develop a growing culture and improve the space at the back of the academy.
  7. Moulsecoomb Primary School Afterschool Club – will use their Pegasus Award to buy new equipment the afterschool club that runs each weekday until 5.30pm.
  8. ProStars - is a small group of Year 7 BACA students who will provide more entertainment for year 7 students to help with socialising and making new friends.
  9. Trailer Trashed – will use the Pegasus Award to match fund a course for young people to develop their cooking skills and receive a food safety qualification. 

Click on this link to view each short application film outlining the full projects.

The final stage will be for the steering group to track the progress of each project and get ready to act as mentors and support a new group of students to go through the same process next September.

“The best thing about taking part in the Pegasus group is thinking about how to use money sensibly. This could be useful when I’m older if I decided to set up my own business or something.” Chloe, year 7 BACA student.

To see more about the Pegasus Programme click here.