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Teamwork is one of the life skills that we help our students to develop and it is also an important part of how our school develops and grows. We believe strongly in a partnership between home and school and that our students should have a say in academy life. That’s why feedback from our parents and from our students is really important to us in helping shape the success of our school.

At last term’s Target Setting Day we gave parents and students the chance to complete a survey about school life, and I wanted to share some of the headlines from that with you.

Amongst parent feedback, I was very pleased that virtually all parents thought that our students are well supported; that BACA gives them lots of opportunities; and that the academy is well led and  heading in the right direction.

The Target Setting event itself received very high scores, as did our promotion of diversity and how well our teachers know our students. Very few parents did not feel that their child was making good progress or does not feel safe in school.

However, it was clear that we need to continue to get better at communication with home in all its forms, especially in relation to rewards and consequences, although parents were in general very positive about the academy website and the benefit of the Show My Homework system.

Scores from our students on how confident they feel that they are going to get good qualifications; that they feel they are making good progress; know what to do to improve that progress; and that they feel safe in school are also encouragingly high. Students also largely said they have lots of opportunities and that the school promotes diversity and equality.

It’s not unusual for students to feel unhappy about some school rules. That was reflected in the survey responses and is something our Junior Leadership Team helps us to review. Some students have had trouble accessing Show My Homework and while the majority of students enjoy reading group, not all do and we have taken that feedback on board.

More information on last term's survey results from parents and students can be found by clicking the links.

This month we are running our next set of surveys. For our students and staff these are taking place in week commencing 27th January and are run across all Aldridge academies, allowing us to benchmark BACA against other schools.

The parents’ and carers’ survey also helps us compare ourselves with the performance of schools nationally, though statistics produced by Ofsted, which is very valuable for us. The survey will be sent out this week in our Parent newsletter and should take no more than five to ten minutes to complete.

I would be very grateful if you could give that time to help us further improve your child’s experience and enjoyment of their time at BACA, and help us ensure that all BACA students benefit from an excellent education.