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Mission Catastrophe: Young Writers Competition Winners!

Mission Catastrophe: Young Writers Competition Winners!

Mission Catastrophe: It's the end of the world as we know it!

In term 2, the English Faculty ran a house competition asking for students for a 100-word mini saga, written as part of the Young Writers Survival Sagas competition.  The theme was 'Catastrophe' and students were asked to craft tales of destruction and redemption, new beginnings and struggles of survival against the odds."  An extra challenge was given to our students if they could include the mythical beast of their house in their story. 

17 of our students' sagas were chosen by Young Writers for publication!  A huge well done to BACA's published writers:  Molly-Rose Coulter, Grace Muller, Kaieesha Dunn, Paige-Leigh Pettit, Erin Jennings, Calissa Chapple, Cosmo Calesini, Maha Elnouri, Ellie Richards, Paris Marie Reilly, Tia-Faith Phillips, Kamen Coulter, Juan Bajel, Poppy Marshall, Ari Darbinean and Rosie Williams!  Congratulations to you all!