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Local Employers Support Students' Enterprise Skills

Local Employers Boost Students' Enterprise Skills

BACA Enterprise Day

Over 50 members from leading local businesses and organisations came into the academy today to support our students for Enterprise day.

This was our second whole school Enterprise Day, with a range of different activities across all year groups, focusing on building the students enterprising skills.  From mock job interviews to playing sport and art to urban regeneration, the activities are designed to help students strengthen core attributes; their creativity, determination, teamwork, problem-solving, risk-taking skills and social skills, and perhaps find a new interest or build up confidence in something they feel passionate about.

For Year 9, the day was focused on job interview practice, with the opportunity to undergo a number of "mock" interviews with representatives from Albion In The Community, Balfour Beatty, Brighton University Business School, Martin Searle Solicitors, Meaning Conference, Ocasta, Pupil Progress, Shoreham Ports, Site Visibility, Southern Water, Sussex Police, Sussex University, The Bevy and TSS Facilities.

Brett Griffin, Founder of education IT company Pupil Progress spoke to the students beforehand, encouraging them not to be afraid to take risks and to let their personalities shine through.  "Take your time to say what you really feel, not what you think people want to hear" he advised the Year 9s.

After joining sessions to help the students prepare for the mock interviews, which focused on real job descriptions from the organisations taking part, employers did a great job conducting individual mock interviews with a number of students.  True to the real life situation, there were some nerves on both sides of the table initially, but both interviewers and students enjoyed the experience. 

Ashley Collingwood-Dane of Southern Water said; "Get them talking about what they are passionate about and you can see they are little gems!" His colleague, Will Graham, described the students he met as "Engaged, positive and mature", while James Ward of Sussex Police said "All the children I interviewed were very polite."

Each of the guests was asked what advice they would give for a first job interview.  Ewa Lelowtro, from Sussex University, summed up the collective advice in saying: "Be yourself. Prepare, prepare, prepare.  Don't be afraid of not knowing all of the answers - show your human side and admit if you don't know something, but try to come up with an alternative answer." 

Elsewhere across the academy Year 7 students had the chance to develop their enterprising skills across the academy's specialist sports subjects; football, cricket and table tennis, coached by BACA College sixth formers as well as our sports staff.

Year 11s had special sessions on history and a geography field-trip looking at urban regeneration in the area.