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Announcing the Brighton Digital Media Academy

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Announcing the Brighton Digital Media Academy in partnership with Latest TV

The Aldridge Foundation’s two Academies in Brighton and Hove have announced an exciting partnership with Latest TV, a new local television station that launched on Thursday 28 August 2014.  This partnership creates a specialist Digital Media Academy for students at both Brighton Aldridge Community Academy (BACA) and Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA) to develop their media skills for the future.   

The innovative media and TV studio based at BACA will enable students to work with professionals to grow their talents in the digital media industry.  Students will have the opportunity to present and produce a wide variety of shows ranging from sports to cookery programmes, coursework showcases and news items.  They will also work on live project briefs that will be related to the academies’ curriculums and linked to further developing students’ skills in subjects such as English and maths.

Media is a flourishing industry in Brighton and Hove, and enhancing students’ digital media skills and talents will give them a solid foundation to pursue careers in this arena.

Itziar Leighton, Head of Educational Partnerships at Latest TV commented: “We are thrilled to be partnering with the Aldridge Foundation’s schools to develop this Media Academy. Our drive is to see Brighton continue to be one of the most vibrant, exciting digital media hubs in the UK through strong collaboration between the creative digital media industry and educational training providers.  The partnership will enable us to help support, shape and develop skills, talent and opportunities to ensure success is achieved for all.  We have also secured support from a wide range of digital media companies, including marketing, film production, radio and games development, from across Brighton and Hove who are partnering with us in this exciting project.”

Peter Kyle, Chair of governors at BACA is excited about the new partnership and comments “The digital media academy is a great opportunity for BACA students and the wider city of Brighton and Hove.  Gaining first-hand experience working with professionals in the industry will prepare students to easily transition into careers in digital media and help this industry to continue to thrive.  The experience will also help students develop confidence as they work as part of a team, determination as they work to live project deadlines and will encourage their passion for advancing technology.”

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