Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

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Inspiring students to take a risk and follow their dreams

Take a risk, follow your dreams


Risk taking - The ability to express and interpret challenges, concepts, thoughts, feelings, facts and opinions

The Whole School Assembly this term focused on BACA’s entrepreneurial attribute of risk taking.  Looking at people who achieved their dreams by taking a risk helped inspire students to follow their own dreams.  

Tim Peak’s incredible space adventure was shared with students as a wonderful example of a man who took risks to get where he is by competing against 8,000 other people for the job, and who is now taking risks every day as he survives in outer space on his mission.  He is living his dream which he would not have achieved without pushing himself, working hard and taking risks.

David Bowie was also remembered in music throughout the assembly with ‘space oddity’ tying in well with Tim Peak’s adventure.  He took many risks in his career standing out from the crowd, and gained great success for doing so.  Our sixth form band performed a fantastic tribute to Bowie as they played ‘the man who sold the world’.  

Bringing risk taking closer to home, and giving students ideas of ways they might choose to step outside their comfort zone, visitors from the Royal Air Cadets shared their offer with our students.  Jessica, a former BACA pupil and current Air Cadet, told of the adventures she’s had as a member and why she loves being an Air Cadet.

BACA’s Junior Leadership Team (JLT) Chair and Deputy Chair, who bravely lead the student body, took to the stage to share the good work they’ve been doing recently.  This includes sharing their purpose of supporting students in achieving the school's vision and recruiting new members who were welcomed to the team and given their JLT ties.

Then it was time for the awards.  Students who excelled last term for displaying our entrepreneurial attributes of teamwork, problem solving, creativity, risk taking, passion and determination we awarded on stage with certificates and pins for their blazers.

As always the grande finale of the assembly was revealing the winner of the school cup.  For the second term in a row our year 7 house, Malala, was victorious.  

Many congratulations to all of year 7 and to students who received awards this term!