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Enterprising Year 11s Impress Local Businesses

Enterprising Year 11s Impress Local Businesses

As part of our whole-school Enterprise Day today our Year 11 business studies students have been pitching their business ideas Dragons Den style.

BACA Enterprise Days are designed give our students and staff had a chance to try something different, perhaps out of their comfort zone, and demonstrate their enterprising skills - risk-taking, problem-solving, creativity, passion, determination and teamwork.

For business studies students that meant pitching their ideas and plans to panels of local employers, including Metro Bank, Yomdel, the Bevy, Southern Water and the universities.

Rhys Williams presented his business idea Sweet Bay, a pre-Christmas pop-up selling sweets, cakes, pastries and snacks to fellow students. As well as presenting his market research and profit forecast Rhys outlined his advertising plans to the panel using posters and the academy's student bulletin.

After the pitch Rhys said: "When I went in I had lots of adrenalin but I focused on getting good eye contact with the panel and getting my ideas across."

"I want to study business at college and take a Business Management and Economics degree at university, so doing this was good preparation for what I'll have to do on those courses."

The panel was full of praise for Rhys' presentation, feeding back to him: "That was a really good presentation. We really liked your ideas and use of graphics."

Tai Williams presented her business that she's already got up and running from her home, Tai's Nails.

She described how she had started the business to school mates and family but it has already broadened out to some neighbours. She outlined her plans to use her already successful Instagram and Snapchat social media accounts to promote her business, as well as leafleting in her local community. A focus of her plans is the Christmas break and promoting at the beginning of the holiday season.

Tai said: I've wanted to do this from the age of 7. My aunt, who has a business in Cornwall, helped me set up. I started doing my own nails and then doing them for friends. I want to go to college to study beauty therapy and then go on to set up and own my own salons. I'd like to set one up on a cruise ship as I want to travel the world."

"I was really nervous before the presentation but I relaxed. Doing it has made me more confident. The feedback I got has made me more confident that I could make money at this and that its really got a chance."

Theyazen Ahmed and Imran Hussain presented their snacks business plan together. Theyazan said afterwards: "I was nervous at first but as soon as we got the food and drink out it felt more relaxed.

Imran added: "This has helped me build my confidence by talking to local business people. I felt comfortable. It will definitely help with college and job interviews in future." 

Iain Chambers, Community Projects Manager of The Bevy Pub said: "I really enjoyed being on the Dragons Den panel and listening to the pitches from Year 11 students. There were some great ideas delivered with real enthusiasm and personality. Challenges like this are great for developing confidence and the business students rose to the occasion."

Tim Breden, Chief Operating Officer of local customer service expert Yomdel added: "The students at BACA had clearly given their projects thought and had already conducted considerable research. The school, staff and students should be rightly proud of the outcomes and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.”