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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Students take strides with Duke of Edinburgh AWArd

On Saturday 4 to Sunday 5 May, BACA students travelled to Cuckmere Valley, Alfriston, where they camped overnight, in a freezing 1 degree celsius, to take part in a practice expedition before undertaking the qualifying expedition on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

To qualify, students traveled from Cissbury Ring to Small Dole and back, self navigating over the Downs, walking approximately 8 miles every day, where they set up their own camp, then cooked themselves dinner and a hearty breakfast the next morning.  They were joined by a small group from Portslade Aldridge Community Academy along with BACA staff Mr Lelliot, Mr Williams, Ms Hadfield, Ms De La Cruz and Ms Howfield.

The students had a fantastic time; lots of blisters, occasionally getting lost (even the odd argument or two), but students displayed tons of determination and demonstrated problem solving.