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Creative World Of Work Week

Creative World Of Work Week

This Tuesday 8 December 2020, fifteen Year 12 students studying AS Art and Design took part in a creative drawing workshop led by the renowned artist Ian Murphy. 

The students have been producing a portfolio of work under the heading ‘Landmarks’ since September and Ian is one of the key artists they have been researching during this time; so when the opportunity came up to work with him for a day, we could not pass it up, even in this challenging time. Our heartfelt thanks go to Georgina Butler and the Aldridge Foundation for organising this fantastic event.

The day started with a high energy activity where the students prepared their background with deliberate textures and surfaces using different papers. These were then dried and distressed with sandpaper before the students made quick free form sketches on them using fine liner pens. 

The rest of the workshop involved large scale drawing of architectural forms focusing on negative space and mark making techniques. Many enjoyed using the graphite powder to add tone whilst others liked to effects created when bleach is added to drawing ink. 

Overall, it will be great to see how Ian’s brilliant tutorials reflect in the creative directions taken by our students in future.

Written by Mr Miles - Head of Art and Design, BACA