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BACA the Glow Wild Event at Wakehurst Place

BACA & the 'Glow Wild' Event at Wakehurst Place

Same Sky is an award-winning community arts charity, based in Brighton, who create magical events: luminous night-time parades, fantastical puppets and floats, large sky fire shows and imaginative costumes and concepts. 

At the start of this year, BACA hosted Same Sky for their 2020 Brighton Festival Children’s Parade. The theme was ‘Nature's Marvels’ and focused on the planet's biodiversity. Some of our students, the Same Sky team and teachers from Brighton & Hove had great fun creating a moving pageant of life and nature, celebrating the wonder and diversity of our world. 

This term, we are delighted to have some of our students working with the Same Sky team again. In preparation for the ‘Glow Wild’ event at Wakehurst Place, our students have been focusing on the theme ‘connections’. With Christmas nearing, the connections we share with other people, nature and wildlife seem extra poignant this year. To be displayed as part of an enchanting lantern trail, Same Sky have built a series of seed pods including an acorn seed, sycamore seed and a conker.

With the help of our students in Year 9 and Year 10, the team have tried to illustrate the importance of connectivity through symbolism of the strange and spiky conker.

The horse chestnut tree may stand alone, yet it supports a multitude of other lives. It’s flowers provide nectar & pollen for insects, particularly bees. Other insects, such as caterpillars, feed on its leaves and in turn provide food for birds such as blue tits. Deer, wild boar & squirrels also eat fruit and seeds from the horse chestnut tree… conkers.

Once complete, the conker took its place on the lantern trail at Wakehurst Place. 

As darkness falls, the gardens are brought to life with glowing lanterns, mesmerising projections, immersive soundscapes, and glistening torches of fire. Well-done to the BACA students who took part in this exciting initiative. 


The Glow Wild event runs from 26 November - 30 December 2020.