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BACA's first One World event

BACA’s first One World event

On Tuesday 22 March an exceptional year 11 student addressed the whole school;

“If you don’t know me, I am kali and I am here to talk to you about my campaign.

A year ago, I joined the Young Leaders Programme (YLP) in Brighton, that it is supported by an organisation called the Active Change Foundation (ACF).  This organisation deals with different issues around the world such as radicalisation and extremism, because it is affecting the majority of the population.

The ACF goes around the country identifying inspirational teenagers that are capable of stopping these kinds of issues.

When I joined the YLP, I discovered so many things that are going on around the world and from there I have decided that I have to do something about it. The YLP told us that we had to choose a personal cause that we were really passionate/ interested about. I chose cultures. Now you might think, why cultures? Well, a culture helps us to identify ourselves.”

Kali truly is an inspirational young women and future leader and today she played host to her vision - a One World event, sharing and celebrating the cultural diversity of students at BACA. The event included a market place of stalls representing a range of different countries, a free food stall offering foods from around the world prepared by students and a performance area with African drumming and dance and Let It Go sang in Spanish!  In addition, a short film was shown capturing more than 20 staff and students each speaking a different language welcoming student to BACA’s first One World event. More photographs of this great event to follow.


Kali - One World