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BACA's choir perform at Voice in a Million

BACA's choir perform at Voice in a Million

On Wednesday 11 March, 30 pupils in BACA’s Choir from years 7-10 sang with celebrities and 6,000 other students for Voice in a Million at Wembley Arena. 

Voice in a Million was set up in 2009 to raise awareness of children in care, adoption and fostering, in the UK and worldwide.  It has grown and expanded internationally with shows now taking place across Europe and the USA.  The dream of the organisers is to one day have a performance with one million voices singing all together in one location.

This event was attended by 6,000 spectators and featured celebrity singers ‘Bars and Melody’ and Alisha Dixon. BACA’s choir joined Alisha Dixon and other student choirs from across the country to perform a world premiere of a song called ‘Children United’, which will be released as a charity single later in the year.

It was an exciting event for the students and a brilliant culmination to their months of preparation.  It was a long day with rehearsals before the performance, and many of the choir members walked around the academy with tired voices on Thursday.  The students thought it was an amazing experience and are already asking about going back next year.