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BACA Achieves Notably Successful GCSE Results for Triple and Double Science

BACA Achieves Notably Successful GCSE Results for Triple and Double Science

Following its latest successful set of results, the science department at BACA continues to go from strength to strength in 2018.

The combined efforts of physics specialist and Director of Learning Mr Schofield as well as biochemistry specialist Dr Sharmin have given triple science results a firm boost in a positive direction. All three sciences were above national averages for progress and attainment, with nearly 90% of students taking these courses achieving grade 4-9 (A*-C equivalent). Special mention must also go to Katie Sweetman and Shahzaib Ali, who both gained 3 grades 8-9 in triple science, putting them in the top 3% nationally.

The combined efforts of Mr Wells, Ms Higlett and Ms Blake also helped secure BACA's best ever combined (double) science results with nearly 60% of students achieving a grade 4-9; progress has also doubled in science since 2017. Special mention must go to Baijia Liang, who achieved a grade 7 despite only arriving in the UK a year ago and Taylor Castleton, who secured a double grade 5, making over a grade and half better than expected progress.

The science department is extremely proud of these results and looks forward to securing even higher grades for all students in 2019 and beyond.

Katie Sweetman achieved a grade 8 in Physics and grade 9 in both Biology and Chemistry.


 Shahzaib Ali celebrates his grades 9 in Physics and Chemistry, putting him in the top 3% nationally.


Skye Teague, Desara Dema and Gracie Richards jumping for joy - all three students obtained higher passes in triple science.


Jonas Ciplyte and Ellie Tullett celebrating their higher passes in Combined Science - Jonas obtained this just 18 months after moving from Lithuania.