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Celebrating Student Success at BACA Academy Awards 2015

BACA Academy Awards 2015

BACA’s Academy Awards 2015, held on Thursday 9 July, celebrated the success of 40 students who have gone above and beyond this year.  It was an exciting evening shared by the BACA team, students who were shortlisted for awards and their families and friends.

The BACA team nominated and shortlisted students based on remarkable achievements from throughout the year across a range of academic subjects, extra-curricular programmes and sports.  The award categories focused around our entrepreneurial attributes, and we are delighted to share the winners:

Teamwork - Shaun Page:  As a member of the Aldridge Cricket Academy Shaun is a fierce competitor but above all a supportive and helpful team mate. Shaun remained calm under pressure on the South African Tour and was a natural leader both on and off the pitch.

Problem Solving - Taha Alsaadi:  Having entered two UKMT Maths Challenges this year Taha achieved; a Best in School, Best in Year (twice), Silver award on the Intermediate challenge for year 11 students and below, and a Bronze award on the Junior challenge. His impressive performance on the Intermediate Challenge led to him being one out of only 2,500 people across 30 countries worldwide invited to sit the European Kangaroo paper. A very inspiring result for someone in year 7.

Creativity - Jenny Mifsud:  On her creative media course Jenny worked consistently without giving up.  She organised numerous out of school times to film and edit which resulted in an exceptional piece of work about autism. This outstanding film received high recognition as part of the Adobe Youth Voices programme.

Risk Taking - Dace Reizupa:  New to the 6th Form in September, as well as new to the country, Dace has completed an extra course in her spare time, contributed to BACA Dance Academy shows and will be joining the Global Social Leaders two week residential programme this summer. 

Passion - Amanda Kangai:  Amanda is an exceptional student who gets involved in everything. From developing a huge appetite and desire to excel in mathematics, competing in the Junior UKMT Team challenge through to never missing a music rehearsal and being a fantastic role model to other students.

Determination - Marcilino Joseph:  Even when Marcilino finds something challenging, he still puts in 100% to achieve it. In fact, Marcilino thrives on challenge!

Social Action - Chloe Sharman:  Chloe has taken on her leadership role with confidence and maturity, setting a high standard for others.

Principal’s Award for Personal Challenge of the Year - Keeley Wade

Keeley has overcome her phobia of school and is now an active part of the school community. Since starting at BACA in January 2014 Keeley has had an impeccable attendance record.  Additionally, she is an inspirational role model to other students as she helps support younger students in the Beacon by encouraging them with their learning.

Chair of Governors Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community - Jordan Back

Jordan successfully completed a Pegasus Award and raised enough funds to run the programme a second time.  He has gone on to support younger students to plan their own Pegasus Awards, and in addition, volunteered to help deliver this year's Wild Park Festival.  Recently Jordan was accepted as a trustee for The Trust for Developing Communities.

Sponsors Award for Entrepreneur of the Year - Pandora Douglas

Pandora demonstrates real commitment and dedication to co-produce an outstanding film about Autism.  The film was screened at the prestigious BFI Southbank and received high recognition as part of the Adobe Youth Voices Up programme, a global programme aimed at empowering young people to voice their opinions on global issues. In addition, Pandora also found the time to excel at Maths by taking part in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge, where she received a silver award. Pandora is a true example of a student able to apply all of the entrepreneurial attributes.

Congratulations to all students who won awards and those who were shortlisted.  We are proud of your exceptional effort and achievements this year.