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MHST offer of Parent Sessions 2021-2022


These sessions are planned throughout the year and that any parent across the MHST network can be booked on to. If you feel that you have a group of parents that would benefit from any of these topics we can arrange a bespoke session for your community specifically.


One-off Parent Virtual Workshops 9:30am Thursdays


This workshop is aimed at parents and carers of children in the stated key stage. We will be looking at common difficulties children have with sleep, the recommended amount of sleep for children of different ages, and some strategies to support children with getting enough sleep. We will be looking at strategies around bedtime routines, the sleeping environment, life-style factors which may influence sleep, and supporting children with anxiety or worries which might be affecting their sleep.

  • o KS2 21st October
  • o KS3 2nd December
  • o KS4 16th December


Low mood

This workshop is aimed at parents and carers of children in the stated key stage. We will be using a CBT model to understand how thoughts, feelings and behaviours are linked and form unhelpful patterns that can lead into a downward spiral of persistent low mood. We look at ways you might be able to help your child, including addressing your child’s sleep, routine, exercise and eating patterns. We also look at more formal ways of support, including certain cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, and how these might be able to reverse the downward spiral of depression.

  • o KS2 20th January
  • o KS3 17th February
  • o KS4 17th March



This workshop is aimed at parents and carers of children in the stated key stage. We will look at what anxiety is exactly, where it comes from, and what keeps your children feeling anxious. We aim to help you get a better understanding of your child’s anxiety by looking at how your children feel, think, and respond to triggers or situations that make them feel anxious. We will then introduce strategies that can help, both in the short term, such as breathing and distraction techniques, as well as longer-term strategies including helping your child face their fears and build up their confidence through supportive conversations.

  • o KS2 21st April
  • o KS3 19th May
  • o KS4 16th June


Ongoing Parent Virtual Groups (4 or 6 weeks) 1-2:30pm Thursday

Anxiety – parent group
This group is aimed at parents and carers of children in the stated age group. This programme will guide parents how to use CBT techniques to help their children overcome fears and worries. The programme includes learning how anxiety develops and is maintained. How to find out what your child needs to learn to overcome their fears & worries and how to implement strategies to encourage your child to become more independent and to face their fears using a graded exposure technique. The programme will run over 4 weeks and will be a combination of 4 one-hour group sessions, reading tasks before sessions and some in between session work such as practising techniques learned during the sessions.

  • 4th – 25th November 2021 = 5-9 year old Anxiety (4 sessions)
  • 13th January 2022 – 10th February 2022 = 9-12 year old Anxiety (4 sessions)


Behaviour – parent group
This group is aimed at parents and carers of children aged 5-9 years old. If you are interested in taking part in this group, we will meet you individually to understand your child’s needs and the reason for looking for support. Following this there are 6 group sessions, in which we cover various strategies to try at home with your child, using evidence-based programme of carefully selected tips and ideas that scaffold onto each other and build up gradually. This way, over time you and your family will be equipped with strategies that can reduce problematic behaviour and increase desired behaviour. Following the 6 week programme we will aim to meet with you for a final individual session, in which we can discuss how the programme has been for you, troubleshoot the things that didn’t work so well and find out ways to build on what’s been successful.

  • May 2022 (6 sessions)


Newsletter Topics

September – Sleep

November – Low mood

January – Anxiety

March – Exam stress

May – 5 Steps to Wellbeing

July – Summer and Transitions
Who at BACA can support me with my mental health and wellbeing?
If you are struggling with any aspects of mental health and wellbeing please reach out to your tutor or head of year.  We also have Mental Health Ambassadors at BACA who are available to talk through any concerns or questions regarding your mental health and wellbeing.  They will be able to refer you to more specialist support if necessary.  You can find the information for the Mental Health Ambassadors here.

Young Minds

Young Minds have a very helpful website that offers advice on different areas of mental health, courses and a parent helpline. You can access the website here.

Self Harm

Self Harm Training for Parents and Carers

Parents have the opportunity to join Brighton and Hove's self-harm parent and carers network. It will be facilitated by West Sussex Mind, YMCA Downslink Group, and supported by Allsorts Youth Project, parents will be able to talk with other parents to hear what is working for them, discuss support needs, hear from guest speakers and get updates on the latest initiatives, research, resources, and policies. Hopefully, it will help to improve their understanding and skills to prevent and respond to self-harm and increase confidence in having conversations with children and school.

To find out more information on how to join please click here.
Young Minds have created a powerful project called 'No Harm Done'.  



Health Services at BACA

A number of first-aid trained staff are on site during school hours should students have a health problem or concern.

Additionally, a drop-in health clinic is offered for BACA students every Tuesday, during first break.

  • Students in years 9-11 can access the drop in clinic for sexual health advice including; c-cards, condoms, pregnancy and chlamydia testing.
  • Students in all year groups can stop by the Health Stand outside the clinic for general health advice.

School nursing is provided through the Brighton and Hove Schools and Community Service. The drop-in clinic at BACA is run jointly between School Nursing and the Youth Collective. 

You can find out more about the school nursing services provided for students and families online or by calling 01273 294530.  Anyone can access these services for a variety of health needs or questions. 





Brighton and Hove- Wellbeing Team

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s mental health and wellbeing you are very welcome to arrange a consultation with David Pritchard a Senior Primary Mental Health Worker with the Schools Wellbeing Team, which is part of the Brighton and Hove Council. 

David is a trained therapist and can offer advice, support and guidance on all queries around mental health. If necessary he can redirect you to a different service.

All conversations will be treated in confidence and recorded following normal safeguarding procedures.

To access this service, ideally you will complete a BHISS form which BACA can provide or email

David will then reply to set up a suitable time to talk. If you prefer you can either call him on 07825 862 528, or contact Ms Brady or Ms Keene at school to find out more.

Please note This is not a crisis number – if you require immediate support you need to contact your GP, call CAMHS duty care on 03003040061 or go directly to A&E.

For information regarding the different services available in Brighton and Hove, please visit

Online Safety

You can view a guide on online safety and find out what parents and carers need to know about YouTube here.


Barnardo's has launched a new support service for Black, Asian and minority ethnic children, young people and their families impacted by Covid-19. 

This is a UK-wide helpline that will focus on issues specifically affecting children, young people, and families from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities who have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

The new service is a free telephone helpline and webchat facility for children, young people, and families from these communities who are suffering the long-lasting and wide-ranging impact of Covid-19.

Barnardo’s specialist advisors will aim to provide ongoing support on a complex range of issues including mental health, bereavement, family breakdown, neglect, back to school, parenting advice, counseling, family stress, discrimination, barriers to services, and more. 

You can find out more about the new helpline here: 


Family Learning Team at Brighton and Hove are offering free online courses to parents

Supporting a Teenager with Anxiety (1 hour session):

Weds 21 and 28 April from 7pm – 8pm

Building a Teenager’s Resilience (3 x 1 hour session) take place on:

Tuesday 20 and 27 April and 4 May from 7pm – 8pm

You can find out more information about the courses here.

Alternatively you can email if you have any questions
You can find a full range of wellbeing courses Brighton & Hove City Council are offering here

Useful links

Urgent support for children and young people -

Safety Net Issue #3 - Sussing out School - click here

Amaze Sussex

The Blurt Foundation will email you regular updates to boost your mood  

Action for Happiness encourage you to find ways to stay positive and resilient  

Mind provides information on mental distress plus ideas for self-care  

Samaritans are there to listen if you are feeling overwhelmed  

CAMHS Sussex has advice on mental wellbeing for children and parents  

CAMHS Resources

Citizens Advice offers practical information about all aspects of your life  

The NHS have a range of apps you can use to promote your own wellbeing

NHS information on Coronavirus  

A guide from Harvard University on managing fears about the Coronavirus  

Plus this advice from the Mental Health Foundation on protecting your mental health  

The British Army hosts a free 8-week online course in Mindfulness  

Family Lives have fact sheets and a helpline to assist with all areas of parenting  

Home-Start provide parenting tips and mentoring  

CBeebies Grownups has lots of practical advice  

The NSPCC has tips on child safety and well-being plus ideas on how to communicate with your child  

Pooky Knightsmith is a therapist who offers mental wellbeing tips for all the family 

The Anna Freud Centre is committed to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of infants, children and their families throughout the Coronavirus epidemic - Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Front Door for Families -

Covid-19 advice for parents/carers if your child is unwell or injured - click here

Letter for parents/carers - Chat Health Messaging service - click here

BHSCP Letter to Parents & Carers - click here 

MHST Newsletter 2021- click here