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Measuring the Impact of Our Careers Programme

Measuring the Impact of Our Careers Programme

The most important and valuable approach to evaluation is listening to the views of participants in the activities organised both internally and externally to the Academy. As a school, staff invest a great deal of time planning, resourcing and delivering activities to allow students the opportunity to learn from visitors and their planned experiences, and therefore finding out their views on both the quality of content and the organisation of the activity is essential in future planning and moving forward and ensuring the quality of careers provision across the Academy. We use a variety of methods including online Google Forms and paper-based feedback questionnaires. Questions include those about the careers content and quality of CEIAG and the suitability of the activities for all.

Most of the organisations we work with provide their own evaluation process whether online or in paper format and we receive feedback from them as appropriate as part of their own monitoring and evaluation processes. This evaluation informs our own plans and decisions regarding future participation. At BACA, we use The Compass Online self evaluation tool to evaluate our careers activity against the eight benchmarks of best practice – known as the Gatsby Benchmarks. We use this to identify strengths and discover areas for improvement.

Date of review: December 2020
Date of next review: March 2021