Healthy & Rich

Healthy and Rich had a bumpy start to Team Academy. Their business started as custom stationary, however after baking brownies for an open evening, they began to think how they could make foods with rich flavours, whilst using healthy ingredients. Working with Galia Orme from Choc Chick, Healthy and Rich began using Raw Cacao Powder to expand on their growing brownie business. At their most recent event, Healthy and Rich sold out after staff and students at BACA were blown away with the high quality of the brownies.

Sweet As

One of Team Academy’s more successful businesses is ‘Sweet As’, a group comprised of a five year 8 girls. Sweet As started their life in year 7 as ‘Sweets & Treats’, selling shop-bought sweets and chocolates around a Christmas Tree. By working with their mentors from the Grand Hotel, Sweets and Treats rebranded themselves into Sweet As with plans of making home-made chocolates, professionally.

Now working with industry expert Galia Orme, founder of Choc-Chick (a company specializing in making chocolate from raw and natural ingredients), Sweet As have become a chocolate-truffle extraordinaire, offering multiple flavours from coconut to blackberry.