Tutor Target Setting Afternoon

Tutor Target Setting Afternoon

Tuesday 15 October: 12.30pm - 6.00pm

We are delighted to invite you to our ‘Target Setting with Tutors afternoon’.  The aims of the afternoon are: 

  • To build and maintain high quality home / school partnerships
  • To identify students’ academic targets across the curriculum and how they are progressing towards them
  • To set aspirational targets for academic progress and personal development for the year ahead 

The afternoon is organised by personal appointment through the tutor and will take place in tutor group rooms.  You and your child will meet with their tutor to discuss strategies to ensure excellent academic progress, a positive attitude to learning and identify ways in which, working together, we can support your child.

Please see letter with attached appointment slip here


*Please note this is a normal school day in the morning with lessons ending at 12.10pm, students may stay at school to wait for you to arrive or go home before returning for their appointment.