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BACA Scholars Year 8 Trip to Sussex University - Jan 2020

BACA Scholars Year 8 Trip to Sussex University

Year 8 Trip to Sussex University

On the 8th January, Year 8 BACA Scholars popped over the road to the University of Sussex for a multi-subject taster day.

The students were treated to a fantastic day of learning, exploration and creativity! They took part in tasters for three university subjects, all run by experts in their fields. These were quantum chemistry, media and art history.

For the first workshop, the professors explained how Quantum looks at things on the subatomic level where matter can be both mass and energy (as demonstrated in the Antman film). They used special goggles to identify chemicals through the refraction of light and took part in a cooperative game to build energy levels in an atom.

In the media taster, the students were taught by a published author and illustrator. They enthusiastically discussed the history of magic, witchcraft and superpowers and how these have been represented in different media over time. It was interesting to see how J K Rowling was influenced by both Greek astronomy and medieval myths to create her own characters. The students then made their own superhero graphic novels.

Finally, in the art history lecture, students were given an introduction to the study of paintings, sculptures and conceptual art. They debated why the Mona Lisa was such a popular painting when other paintings get little to no attention at all, and questioned why Damian Hurst’s Diamond Skull was so valuable. We talked about the different subject routes a student could take to get to university to study a subject like art history.

One BACA Scholar said, 

My favourite bit of the day was the Chemistry lesson because it was really challenging. I feel like I understand a lot more about university now.

The pupils also interviewed university students about their life at Sussex. The students explained how university societies worked and described what a day in the life as a student is like. Our students ended the day with a tour of the main buildings and the library before heading back to BACA.

Author: Miss. Howfield (Teacher of English)