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BACA Mentors

 Come and work alongside us at BACA as a mentor to our pupils. By investing your time you're also giving back to your community; supporting the next generation. The valuable gift of time, listening and support will be so useful and it's a really positive thing to do. 

We're delighted that so many community organisations across East Brighton are working with us on this project.

Jack Davies, BACA Principal

What does a Mentor do?

A mentor works with a small group of pupils to provide advice, and support; sharing their own experiences of work or how they have overcome challenges. Building trust, a common ground, and empathy with the student along the way.

There will be regular short half-termly sessions, supported by initial training and BACA's staff team. The aim is to enable conversations that support and empower young people to reach their personal or academic goals and overcome challenges. 

This mentoring pilot aims to give Year 11 pupils a bedrock of experience and advice to take with them throughout their school lives.

What experience do I need?

Mentors will need the ability to listen, build trust and share your work experience or approaches you have taken to overcome challenges.

Mentors will need the ability to discuss different perspectives, provide sensitive feedback, and give confidence to young people.  We would like to encourage young people, acting as a role model, and helping them to identify realistic goals. 

Mentors will need the willingness to learn from young people, acceptance of their needs; and optimism about young people and their abilities is key.

Mentor Project Partners

We are delighted to be working with a number of community groups that are partners in this mentoring project. 

These groups include; East Brighton Trust, The Bevy, The Crew Club, Class Divide and Wired Sussex.

How do I apply?

You can find out further information here.  

Key Dates 

If you would like to find out further information about becoming a BACA Mentor before applying please email Freya Jones at: 


Training and DBS processing (INVITE ONLY):

4:00-4:45pm on Monday 8th January*

4:00-4:45pm on Thursday 11th January*

*You only need to attend one of the training sessions.

Once you have become a BACA Mentor the sessions will take place on the following dates throughout the 2024 academic year: 

9:45-11:00am on Friday 23 February

9:45-11:00am on Friday 22 March

9:45-11:00am on Friday 19 April

9:45-11:00am on Friday 3 May

BACA Mentor