Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

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Meet the Team

Meet the Team 


We are proud of our dedicated team of staff who are always willing to share their expertise and passion in their specialist subject. BACA staff are led by a strong, cohesive and determined Senior Leadership Team, who are driven to raise standards, making sure that teaching is focused on the individual needs, strengths and academic potential of each and every student at BACA.


Senior Leadership Team

Mr Davies


(Executive Assistant to the Principal -

Mr J Collett Vice Principal Curriculum Design & Development
Ms K Paine Assistant Principal - Personal Development

Ms T Cole Assistant Principal - Culture & Ethos 
Ms T McMullan Assistant Principal - English & Staff Development 
Mr P Schofield Assistant Principal - Closing the Gap 
Ms R Prosser Associate Assistant Principal - Inclusion 
Mr P Hunt

Associate Assistant Principal - Science

Faculty & Whole School Data 
Ms F Heerah Associate Assistant Principal - Literacy Lead 
Ms N Keene  SEND Coordinator 



Mr P Williamson

Head of BACA College - Year 12 & 13

Mr J Austin  

Head of Year 11

Miss B Haydock

Head of Year 10 

Ms V Hession Head of Year 9

Mr S Latham

Head of Year 8

Miss L Ivins

Head of Year 7

Ms C Brady

Child Protection Officer 

Ms L Dawson

Student Support Leader Year 7 

Mr A Smith

Senior Student Support Leader Year 8 

Mr D Upfield

Student Support Leader Year 9

Ms H Wootton Student Support Leader Year 10 
Mr J Lamb Student Support Leader Year 11 
Attendance  Attendance & Engagement Lead / Educational Welfare Officer 

Subject Leads

Ms Heerah Head of English Faculty 

Mr M Tomson Head of Maths  

Miss J Smithson Head of Humanities 

Mr T Misenti Head of Creative

Mr H Smith Head of Sport and PE
Mr J Sansom-Costantini Head of Technical Faculty

Ms A Williams Lead Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages 

Miss B Haydock Lead Teacher of Drama

Mr M Lelliott

Lead Teacher of PSHEE

Mr G Miles Lead Teacher of Art
Miss J Mosely Lead Teacher of Music
Ms A Collenette Lead Teacher of Childcare 
Mr P Dyas Lead Teacher of Computing 

other leaders

Mr J Smith Higher Prior Attainment Coordinator

Mr T Sandford

Maths KS3 Lead

Miss M Weedon

English KS3 Lead

Miss L Jones

Science KS3 Lead 

Ms C D Diego

Maths KS5 Lead 

Mr M Tomson

Numeracy Lead 

Mrs J Bovington

Raising Aspirations Lead / CEIAG 



If you would like to contact anyone from the Local Governing Committee, please email Miss Irving, Executive Assistant to the Principal

Please see the Aldridge Education website for further information on Governing Policies and Accountability.