House System

This September we launched our new BACA house system.  The Academy has been split into four houses Centaur, Gryphon, Minotaur and Pegasus. All students and staff, apart from the Principal, Mr Speight and the Vice Principal, Mr Collett, are allocated to a house.  The aims of the house system are:

  • To foster team spirit, collaboration and a sense of family across year groups
  • To incentivise positive behaviour for learning and celebrate positive individual and group performance
  • To provide a stimulus to intra-mural sports, creative arts and enterprise activities
  • To stimulate collaboration between staff from different faculties and parts of the school
  • To complement and strengthen existing individual rewards and celebration initiatives
  • To give leadership opportunities to older students and further integrate the BACA College sixth form into Academy life

A calendar of house events and regular assemblies are in place to give students plenty of opportunities to contribute to their house point totals in a number of ways both in and out of the classroom.  These include points for: subject led challenges, sports competitions, reading group rewards, attendance rewards, and commitment to after school enrichment and independent learning challenges.  The house system will also support the development of student leadership within the academy with the appointment of house leaders, sports leaders as well as opportunities for BACA College sixth form students to lead challenges.


Challenge 4 - Take photographs of as many 'Snailspace' Snails as you can

There are 50 giant snails placed all around Brighton and Hove as part of Martlet’s ‘Snailspace’ fundraising campaign.  Your challenge is to take photographs of as many of them as you can.  House points will be awarded for:

  • The most snails found
  • Quality of your photographs
  • Tutor group with the highest amount of entries

BACA’s Brian ‘The Spirit Snail’ has crawled his way to Brighton’s Jubilee Library.  Make sure you go and visit him!

DEADLINE: Email pictures to your form tutors by Wednesday 7 November


Challenge 3 - Create a piece of artwork based on your House name.

4th place: Catherine 



3rd place: Kristina


2nd place - Grace



1st place - Serena



Challenge 2 - Create a study of every 'class name' on your timetable.

 10 house points awarded to Catherine in Centaur.



Challenge 1 - ‘Get caught reading’ staff and student photograph challenge

Student Winners

4th place - Michaela


3rd place - Mattie


2nd place - Luke


1st place: Cosmo



Teacher Winners

4th place - Miss Blake


3rd place - Mr Lundy 


2nd place - Mr Collett (no house!)


1st place - Mr Samson-Constantini