Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

Section 7 - Curriculum

Students study a broad and balanced curriculum as soon as they start at BACA.  During Year 8 they receive a wide variety of careers advice, information and guidance to enable them to choose their options for Year 9.  They then study these subjects for 3 years.  The choice of options enables student to follow a pathway into BACA College as well as other further education providers. 

 All students follow the Key Stage 3 national curriculum where they study the following subjects:

The Key Stage 4 Curriculum:

Beginning in year 9 KS4 students study English, Mathematics, Science and a minimum of two English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) subjects. Students therefore get to choose to study two of the following subjects from year 9: History, Geography, French, Spanish or Computer Science.

There are three alternative learning pathways with a common core curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Sport, Citizenship, Philosophy and Ethics.

Other optional subjects include:

Download BACA's curriculum plan to find out more about the topics covered in each subject for every year group.

If you would like more information about BACA's curriculum please contact us.


16-19 Programme of Study

At BACA College we believe the key to a rich learning experience and vital to ensuring our students have the best possible opportunities to progress onto employment, apprenticeships or higher education is a strong network of employers and partners, who actively support and enrich their programmes of study.

Programme of study will be bespoke and developed to meet the needs and interests of our learners and will include a wide range of opportunities and experiences to motivate and inspire. The programme of study can include access to our sport specialist academies in Cricket, Football, Dance and provide opportunity for personal development as well as strength and conditioning training and coaching, and a full fixtures programme. We are proud to work with local sporting organisations, Whitehawk Football Club, Burgess Hill Town Football Club and Sussex Cricket Club. Our Dance Academy students will perform and participate in various events delivered with and through our industry partner South East Dance.

Our unique award winning Brighton Digital Media Academy, offers students the opportunity to work alongside our industry partners on real live project briefs. This further embeds skills development and allows our students to build on their industry connections and networks.

Construction students engage in a range of community projects, applying their skills and knowledge through live project briefs which support local community groups and individuals.

Through Team Academy, students can develop their entrepreneurial skills in working on their own business ideas and putting their practical skills into generating income and successful outcomes. Social entrepreneurism will allow students to work in teams or as individualS in supporting charities of their choice through the support of our industry partners and connections, and inspired to create events and services which will raise funds for our nominated charities.

All of our curriculum pathways in any of the subjects offered, can be combined and complimented through our wide range of enrichment and opportunities described above. Providing a really rich individual programme of study, unique to the individual and tailor made for success.


16 - 19 qualifications offered at BACA College