Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

Section 15 - Values and Ethos

Welcome to Brighton Aldridge Community Academy (BACA), a vibrant 11-18 all-inclusive secondary school and college providing students with a stimulating and progressive education.

We are a high achieving academy with a rich academic offering.  We believe that anything is possible and encourage a combination of our entrepreneurial ethos, specialism in sports and technological focus to raise standards, whilst developing key skills that each student needs to achieve success in the 21st century.

Brighton Aldridge Community Academy offers you an incredibly exciting future, having made rapid progress in recent years.


In 2015 we proudly received a national award from the Independent Academies Association for Best Practice in Partnerships with the Wider Community.  Working with a range of organisations and businesses enhances the opportunities available to our students, and enables students to give back to the local area.  Examples of community initiatives include; year 9 students exploring the digital media industry through meeting leaders of over 20 Brighton-based organisations as part of our Art at Work programme, Catering and Hospitality students hosting pop-up restaurants at The Bevy to serve community members and our Pegasus programme which enables students to develop an idea or event that makes a difference in their neighbourhood.


As part of our programme to promote sporting excellence, the Aldridge Cricket Academy went on tour to South Africa in February 2015.  After 18 months of fundraising for this remarkable opportunity the players impressed coaches with their success as they won 6 of 8 matches.  A new state-of-the-art cricket centre will open at BACA in May 2016 to provide players with dedicated training and playing facilities to help them reach their highest potential.


Our entrepreneurial ethos is embedded throughout all aspects of the academy, and is the primary focus of our Team Academy programme.  Team Academy is an innovative approach to education founded in Finland with the belief that when real world practical actions are paired with gaining academic knowledge, learning is more likely to stick.  BACA students are the first ‘Teampreneurs’ in secondary education to pioneer Team Academy in the UK.  We are also rolling the programme out to all sixth formers in 2015-2016 as part of the provision for teaching, learning, entrepreneurial resource and professional engagement.


We know that starting secondary education is a big change for many families, which is why we place significant focus our summer programme; Summer of Learning, Adventure and More (SLAM). This free programme enables incoming students to make new friends and learn their way around the Academy whilst having fun.

And with our impressive modern facilities, expanding range of offers, rapidly growing sixth form and a dynamic leadership team; we pride ourselves on providing an outstanding and flexible learning environment for students of all abilities to believe they can be the best.