Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

Section 12 - Special Educational Needs (SEND) Report

What are the Admission Arrangements for students with SEN or disabilities?

The Academy strives to be a fully inclusive school. All students are welcome including those with special educational needs. The Academy follows the procedures set down at national and local level for admitting students including those students with - or being assessed for an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP)..

Students will gain admission through the standard Local Authority procedures. All students who reside in the catchment area who have given BACA as their first priority will normally be admitted.

The Academy has a specialist facility for children with communication disorders and children with autistic spectrum conditions. The Swan Centre facility is run by the Local Authority.

The steps taken to prevent students with SEND being treated less favourably than other students

Students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are fully included and encouraged to participate in all aspects of Academy life. SEND students are well represented on Academy sports teams, and access all trips and residential visits alongside non-SEND students. SEND students are also represented on the student council.

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The Accessibility Plan written by the Governing Body

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