Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

BACA Expectations

Behaviour to achieve

The Academy encourages positive behaviour which applies to all members of the Academy in terms of their relationships with students, staff, visitors and members of the local community.

To promote this behaviour the Academy implements a range of strategies:

Click here to download our Behaviour to Achieve policy.

A positive discipline system for class behaviour is delivered consistently throughout the Academy.  Our code of conduct (RAISE) is promoted and on display in every classroom:


The Academy uniform is a reflection of our professional and ‘business like’ environment. 

Student uniforms

All students at BACA wear a navy blue blazer, displaying the Academy logo.  Both boys and girls wear a white shirt, black shoes, a house tie and grey Academy trousers (girls have the option to wear the grey Academy skirt). 

For PE lessons students wear the Academy sports kit.

The uniform shop is open to students every school day from 9.00am. To make an appointment, please contact 01273 691191 (ext. 2003) or email Student Services at

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